Trevor Reid
Lead Pastor

Pastor Trevor and Aileen Reid have ministered together for the past 25 years. They served as youth ministers in Bronx, NY, Senior Pastor in Montreal, Quebec, International Youth Ministries Co-Directors and currently serve the Bridge of Hope Church as Lead Pastor and Children’s Pastor.  Together they have preached, trained pastoral teams and evangelized students and families in 24 nations.  

In addition to serving as lead pastor Pastor Trevor is helping young church planters develop strategic plans for urban church plants and is currently developing a missions organization called Sierra Leone Future Now, which builds schools and develops millennial leaders in the West African nation of Sierra Leone.
Pastor Trevor graduated from Nyack College with honors in 2000, earning a B.S. in Education and a minor in Biblical Literature. In 2012 he graduated with a Masters of Divinity from Liberty Theological Baptist Seminary. Pastor Aileen graduated from Duke University in 1995 with a B.A. in Public Policy.  In 1999, she graduated from New York University with a Masters of Public Administration and earned.  a Ph.d. in Research Evaluation and Measurement at University of North Carolina at Greensboro.

They fell in love and married in NYC in1998 and now they are the blessed parents of Joshua, David, and Alexa.